Specialties Veridean helps businesses to grow their online revenue stream with our Internet marketing system. Our belief is that to develop an effective marketing strategy requires a plan. Therefore, we begin with market research including a brand analysis, competitor analysis and baseline statistics. From here we can develop a plan of attack as to which Internet tools will be most effective in reaching the target audience and encouraging the desired action. The implementation of the marketing plan is mapped out for a 6 or 12 month span and includes the utilization of a wide range of online tools including: mobile websites SEO SEM enhanced web content videos webinars Social Media combined print/online campaigns and more. Our experienced staff can not only develop the Internet Marketing strategy but also has the capability and years of experience to implement every aspect from extensive Website Development, Website Integration with office systems, and Custom Software Development. History Established in 2004 Veridean Technology Solutions was established in Akron, OH with the goal of helping businesses to understand and fully leverage the growth of the Internet. Quickly developing a niche in the publishing industry, Veridean saw tremendous growth and began development of custom websites and software products for publishers. Veridean relocated to Boise, Idaho in 2005 and continued to grow in areas beyond the publishing arena, working with clients in a wide variety of industries including: manufacturing, government, legal, e-commerce, medical and more. As the Internet marketplace has exploded, the wide variety of online tools has left many businesses confused as to which ancillary resources will be most beneficial for their business. Veridean responded to this need with their signature Internet Marketing System, creating a customized plan to ensure methodical online revenue growth with a streamlined process. Veridean will continue to expand with the ever changing Internet marketplace.

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