Specialties Stack Rock Group is a landscape architecture and landscape design firm based in Boise. We love working with homeowners, building architects, landscape contractors and developers to create custom outdoor spaces. History Established in 2012 SRG is an assemblage of creative, talented, unique, quirky souls with expertise in all facets of Landscape Architecture, Project Management, Graphic Design, Illustration, Horticulture, Master Planning, Irrigation Design, Art and Stewardship. While our individual personalities are as diverse and unique as our varied areas of expertise, our collective dedication to Communication, Collaboration and Teamwork guide each and every one of our projects. Meet the Business Owner:
Krisjan H. Krisjan Hiner is a Business Development and Project Management Professional with a degree in Communication from Boise State University. Krisjan has spent the majority of his adult life taking photographs, selling, marketing and managing projects within the northwestern construction industry. With a passion for customer service and a thirst for Pinot Noir Krisjan’s role at Stack Rock Group is to seamlessly guide clients through each project from inception through completion personally overseeing all aspects of the work providing individual attention every step of the way. Krisjan lives in West Boise with his stable of canines and his very own keeper Kama. Without Kama, Krisjan would likely be living under a bridge or in a box somewhere.

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