Social Media Guru’s, ranking among the leading independent agencies in the Northwest is dedicated entirely to serve individuals and reputed companies to attain excellent social media exposure. Every campaign of yours is optimized right from strategy devising to implementation. Every one of our exclusive social media endeavors leverage the four key elements that contribute to success in social media namely content, technology, metrics and research. The basic to advanced packages that we offer, cater to the needs of both the individuals and the corporates. For every social media campaign, we implement a social media policy to re-examine your assets and to start analyzing and engaging with the community. What We Do We help you to organize your existent social media strategy. We activate and strengthen your social media campaign. We ignite conversations in the world of social media. We bolster your role as an integral part of the community, in the ever-growing network of social media. How We Do It We strategically merge content with technology. We help you/your brand to increase and intensify social connections. We evoke, foster and quantify conversation by devising tools and online participation. We have the ability to assist business owners all over the globe to connect buyers with sellers. We know consumers are in many places seeking products and services. Business owners need to know where to place their sales and branding messages to the correct audience. We offer free initial consultations. Categories: Advertising | Web Services < Read Less

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