Specialties Massage, metaphysics, energetic healing, energetic massage, chakra healing, organic skincare, natural facelift, pure results facial History Established in 1995 Wholistic Beauty Boutique is the creation of Colleen Fletcher. Born from the desire to be a parent first, and a businesswoman second, Colleen set out on a course of study that has led her to become an expert in the field of personal wholistic well-being. Colleen was fortunate that her childhood included an introduction to meditation at an early age. This concept was integral in the business she would eventually start. Having an open mind and heart made what most consider being an “alternative” method of self-care; simply a normal extension of day-to-day beliefs for Colleen.Colleen was ready to begin her journey into motherhood and into business. The business began in 1994 shortly after Colleen’s son Isiah was born. Colleen often says that, “I always wanted to have a happy well adjusted human; not just a son.” Her desire to make that want a reality resulted in a pursuit of massage therapy. Feeling that an education in massage would be effective in both: deriving an income that was f Meet the Business Owner:
Colleen F. Hi, I’m Colleen! I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1995, I am also a nationally certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and Intuitive Healer. I started Massage & Body Boutique in Oregon in 1997 as a way to bring high quality organic skin care to my clients. I continue to expand my knowledge in organic Wholistic health and wellness. I moved from Oregon to Idaho in 2006 with my husband, son and cat.

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