Specialties Syringa Property Management manages multifamily housing communities throughout the northwest, Utah, and Arizona. Our knowledge and expertise give us an advantage in managing both affordable and conventional housing types of all sizes. Syringa successfully manages properties in both urban and rural settings. Our decades long presence in the industry gives us the advantage of using our experience to effectively provide quality housing to our residents while fulfilling the goals of our clients. Our team is dedicated to providing high levels of customer service. This keeps our communities thriving and enhances the investment of the property owner. History Established in 1989 Syringa’s CEO, has been involved in the multifamily housing industry since 1978. Syringa was formed when the Low Income Tax Credit and other programs were relatively new; and has always had the goal of being the management company most knowledgeable in federal housing programs in order to provide excellent management fairly to it’s clients. Syringa has been retained by a variety of clients including non-profit organizations, full profit motivated owners, Native American Tribal Councils and the federal government. From it’s humble beginnings with a staff of one and a half (Dianne and a part time JTPA worker) with seven developments, Syringa has grown consistently to become one of the largest management firms of affordable housing in the Western United States. Meet the Business Owner:
Dianne H. Dianne began her real estate career in 1973 in sales and assisting with appraisals. She became active in the affordable housing industry in 1978 as an employee of a development/management company. Dianne has been active in the industry continuously since that time and has been an active participant in the development of much of the affordable housing in Idaho.

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