Specialties I am a counselor with over 30 years of experience. I work with all kinds of mental health issues with a strong background in addiction treatment. For many years, I have helped people who struggle with sex and love addiction including problems with pornography and sex outside the relationship. Many people like my style, which they describe as honest, direct, and active. We will have a very active conversation with a focus on understanding the problem and working together on a solution that is realistic, timely, with lots of support along the way. The best way to find out if I am right for you is to call me at 208.477.1011 so we can chat and you can get an idea of how I might be able to help. Meet the Business Owner:
Steven L. Steven I. Lanzet is a licensed clinical professional counselor, marriage & family therapist, certified sex addiction therapist-supervisor, an advanced EMDR practitioner. He was an Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and held various positions in counseling, teaching, and administration with The College of Idaho, Boise State University, and the State of Idaho. Steven has extensive experience in the field of addictions and has studied with National Sex Addiction Expert, Dr. Patrick Carnes, for 20 years. Steven was the Founder and Clinical Director of Boise Counseling Center, Director of the Aftercare Program for Impaired Physicians in association with the Idaho Medical Association and was the Charter President of The Idaho Mental Health Counselors Association. With degrees from The College of Idaho and Rutgers University and years of experience, he still feels honored to be trusted with people’s most sensitive issues at a challenging time in their lives.

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