Specialties Buy, Sell, and Consign new and used high quality outdoor recreational equipment, including outdoor gear and clothing for hunting, fishing, camping, water sports, cycling, snow sports, running, hiking, motocross and golf. History Established in 2012 Our family enjoyed many outdoor recreational activities but found that the cost of outfitting the whole family with high quality name brand gear could be overwhelming. With the amount of outdoor enthusisist in Idaho we figured that this was a common problem. The other common problem that we found was that outdoor enthusiasts upgrade or out grown their gear and don’t want to spend the time and effort to sell their gear online. At SCORE-Outdoors we are giving outdoor recreational equipment a second chance to be back in the outdoors again and providing a less expensive way to outfit your outdoor adventures. Meet the Business Owner:
Steve L. Steve enjoys cycling, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, camping and pretty much all other outdoor recreational activities. If you need to know the benefits of a backpacking hammock or the difference between snowboards, Steve will be able to help you out.

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