Specialties We specialize in customer satisfaction! History Established in 2004 This business was started by James Rogers. James has worked in the automotive repair industry from a very young age. After working in several aspects of the industry from lube shops, independents, and dealer ships. It was clear that there would be high demand for an honest, affordable, and dependable shop in the Treasure Valley. Meet the Business Owner:
James R. I was interested in mechanical objects from an early age, I was the kid that tore things apart just to figure out how they worked. My first real interest in cars was in my early teenage years when my father returned home from a trip with a present, I was very excited to open the rapping paper and find a remote control car, my excitement was soon turned into worry after opening the box and realizing that this car was in hundreds of pieces and had to be completely assembled. Thinking back it was an excellent learning tool, the transmission, differentials, steering assembly, and even the shock absorbers. From then on I was hooked, in high school I attended small engine repair and learned the basic operation of an engine, after attending automotive repair junior and senior year at Meridian High School is when it became clear that the automotive field was in my future. After High school I attended Wyoming Technical Institute on a scholarship. and the rest his history!

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