Specialties Local Food Craft Cocktails Small Plates & Appetizers Craft Desserts Housemade Everything Organic/Natural Ingredients History Established in 2002 Red Feather opened in 2002 to bring the American craft cocktail renaissance to Boise. Since that time, Red Feather’s kitchen has gone through a number of trends and styles, only to end up today serving the kind of food it was established to offer: uncomplicated food made with high-quality ingredients grown as close to home as possible (with a focus on smaller, less-expensive portions that work for groups, individual diners, or drinkers looking to snack). Our cocktail menus and work with local food and sustainability have been featured in the New York Times, GQ, Huffington Post, Imbibe magazine, Cheers, at Tales of the Cocktail, and as official guest cocktails for craft spirit brands including Square One Organic Vodkas. It is widely agreed that Red Feather established the craft cocktail scene in Boise, making a way and a customer base for the city’s thriving culinary cocktail scene today; we were first, sure, but today we’re just one of many killer cocktail bars in the city of trees… Meet the Business Owner:
Kevin K. Kevin Kelpe has worked for Just Eat Local (the 2-restaurant company that owns Red Feather) since 2003, and has been a full partner since 2010. He functions as the business manager of the company’s two restaurants, directing the management teams and marketing creative and strategy. He has an associates degree in media design and a bachelor’s degree in business economics and writing. He loves handmade furniture, pewter mugs, mechanical pencils, anise, ice cream, and typography.

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