Specialties Pets Best Insurance is a pet health insurance company that offers pet health insurance plans for cats and dogs and reimburses a flat percentage of the actual veterinary bill after a deductible. History Established in 2005 Pets Best Insurance is a pet health insurance company that was founded by Dr. Jack Stephens– the very veterinarian who pioneered pet insurance in the US in the early 1980s. In 1981, Dr. Jack had to euthanize a dog because the dog’s owner couldn’t afford treatment. Shortly after, the owner and her child saw him in a local store. When the woman asked her child if she remembered Dr. Stephens, she answered, “Yes, he’s the one who killed our dog.” Determined to do away with “economic euthanasia,” Jack founded the first U.S. pet insurance company the following year. He’s now the president and founder of Pets Best Insurance, located in Boise, Idaho. Meet the Business Owner:
Dr. Jack S. Dr. Jack Stephens, a former practicing veterinarian who decided to take what he had learned in the industry and used it to form Pets Best Insurance to help pet owners and their pets afford the best possible care available. Dr. Stephens is a pet enthusiast who shares his home with his wife Vicki and their multiple pets. Jack’s driving passion to increase the quality of care for pets and his background in the veterinary industry fortify him as the guru other industry professionals turn to.

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