Specialties Here at OpenPotion we are marketers first and website designers second. Most web designers are actually just graphic artists, or programmers. We eliminate most of those two things and focus on what matters most. We have real marketing degrees and focus on making websites that target the right people with the right message. We specialize in correcting branding issues that might be preventing your company from truly competing or we help you maintain leadership by solidifying and focusing your image. We will also give you straight advice on the confusing SEO and Internet marketing market and connect you with legitimate, trustworthy firms. We are much more than just a website design firm… most of our clients request we do not work with their competitors and consider us their secret weapon… call us to find out why! We promise you will learn at least 1 tip that will benefit your online presence just by talking to us. History Established in 2008 OpenPotion was founded and is lead by Jason Hull. Along with a degree in Business Marketing, Jason has worked for tech companies such as DSLExtreme, Verizon, HP, and has also extensive business experience working for investment firms and public companies building websites and assisting with branding. In 2008 Jason started his own firm along with his wife Ashley Hull. Ashley Hull also has a marketing degree and has extensive experience assisting public companies with public relations and investor relations. OpenPotion is a small firm lead by an experts that focus on making your website a better sales tool and correcting branding issues preventing your business from reaching its potential. Meet the Business Owner:
Jason H. Jason Hull is sought for his marketing advice and loved for his integrity and honesty. He has managed technical support teams, worked in Verizon Business DSL support, and was an administrator over a central technical system at HP. He has also built websites and consulted many companies on correcting their branding issues. While he did earn a degree in business marketing from University of Phoenix, he is largely self-taught, has an incredible thirst for knowledge, and loves to read. He also loves working with startups, enjoys speaking to large groups, and enjoys being involved in his local community. He recently moved from west Los Angeles to Burley, Idaho and is enjoying this small town with amazing people. OpenPotion Website Design Also Recommends Nifty Marketing 1128 Oakwood Street Burley, ID 83318 Category: Web Design “They focus on driving traffic to your site, they do a good job, and we happily refer clients to them.” Accurate Imprints 504 6th St Rupert, ID 83350 Category: Screen Printing/T-Shirt Printing “Tracy and her team have great rates and excellent service! We use them for all our promotional materials and encourage you to do the same.”

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