Specialties We have an incredible selection of diamond jewelry including engagement rings, bridal sets, men’s bands, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets at surprisingly affordable prices. Morgan Jewelers has eighteen stores located throughout the West. History Established in 1914 Nate Morgan Sr. opened the first Morgan Jewelers in Burley Idaho in 1914. His store started as a watch company selling precise and accurate timepieces to the Union Pacific Railroad employees, who used these watches to keep the train’s running on time. Eventually Nate started selling jewelry in addition to the watches and expanded his customer base to include all customers, not only railroad employees. His jewelry and watches became so successful that he had to move to a larger location. The sign on his new store read, “Nate Morgan Jewelers, Yours Today, a Year to Pay.” Being one of the first stores in the west to offer merchandise with a payment plan. Three generations later, Morgan Jewelers has expanded into 18 store locations, with 9 store locations in Utah. We also have stores in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.

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