Specialties Fee Based Investment Advisory Service: Precious Metals: Stocks & ETF’s: Annuities and Living Benefits History Established in 2009 We have 16 Years of Financial Planning experience cummulatively managing over 78 million dollars in client assets. Largely based inside of Credit Unions for 14 years, in 2009, we decided we could do a much better job for our clients if we were independent of any corporations that often have conflicts of interest. Meet the Business Owner:
Robert L. Robbie Lane is President-Regional Director of Money Concepts, and is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) through the International Association of Registered Financial consultants. He has been successfully coaching families and Small Businesses for over 15 years. He has been a featured speaker in matters ranging from retirement planning, 401k’s, Tax efficient Investments, and Identity theft in California, Idaho and Alaska. Robbie is married to Raquel of 16 years, and has two beautiful children, Rob-Roy and Nicole, and balances his time between Family, his local church, and being an active Rotary member.

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