Specialties For over 30 years, McGrath’s has worked hard to purchase high quality seafood, while keeping prices affordable! Our fish and seafood is delivered daily to our restaurants from local waters, and waters around the globe. From Pacific Coast favorites like salmon, halibut, red snapper, razor clams and oysters to catfish and prawns from the Gulf, to live Maine lobster and sea scallops from the East Coast, and even more exotic choices such as mahi mahi, swordfish, yellow fin tuna, sea bass and more – you’ll always find the best selection of fresh fish and seafood at McGrath’s. Come visit us today, and see what’s fresh. History Established in 1980 In 1980, John McGrath opened the first McGrath’s Fish House in downtown Salem, Oregon. The family, natives of the Northwest, had grown up fishing and harvesting crab, clams and oysters–so it seemed natural to open a seafood restaurant. With Salem close to the Oregon coast, there was an abundance of seafood available and no other seafood restaurants nearby. So with a shoestring budget, loans from the family, houses mortgaged and an SBA loan from the local bank–the first McGrath’s Fish House opened. The plan was to serve the freshest seafood at the lowest prices, so everyone could enjoy. And, they did! The restaurant was jammed with guests on the first day, and grew from there.

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