Specialties Intense Tranquility Therapeutic Massage specializes in a therapeutic relaxing massage experience. Each massage uses a unique blend of techniques according to the needs and wants of the client. Specialties that will be blended for your relaxing or therapeutic massage include: Swedish Massage (relaxation), Deep Tissue Massage (to get to your deep aches and pains), Therapeutic Massage (a blend of relaxation, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy), Neuromuscular Therapy (massage technique that sends messages to the brain to relax the muscle(s) through the nerves located in the muscle. Addressing headaches, rotator cuff problems, tight IT Band, low back pain, TMJ problems, etc.), Pregnancy Massage (general pregnancy stress, aches and discomfort are massaged), Postpartum Massage (after the stress on your body from carrying and delivering a baby, getting massage to help relax, relieve stress and enjoy your new baby.) Enjoy your massage therapy. History Established in 2011 Licensed Massage Therapist for two years. Opened my own business a year ago. Specially trained and certified NeuroMuscular massage therapist. What does that mean? Come to me and receive individualized attention addressed to your specific massage needs. Client education is included in each session as needed. Received Pre and Perinatal massage certification March 2012. Pregnancy massage certification is important. Knowing what common problem areas to address, as well as prenatal massage precautions to take. Come prepared to receive pregnancy massage client education as well. Meet the Business Owner:
Emily B. I am a self employed business owner. I opened my massage business In November 2011. I am a mother of two Pre-teen girls. One is severely disabled. Massage has given me the opportunity to express myself. I love that I can truly make a difference to each person I come into contact with. Massage education, knowledge, and ability are all very important to a great massage experience. The experience starts as you walk in the door, asked about what you are looking for in a massage, and having those needs and wants given through the massage. As needed, I will also educate you about the problems you may be having with different areas of the massage. You will leave impowered and relaxed.

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