Industrial Hygiene Resources is a full service environmental, health & safety (EH&S) company, founded in 1984, and provides comprehensive industrial hygiene consulting services, industrial safety hazard evaluations, training programs, and environmental monitoring to clients throughout the United States and internationally, including small businesses, large corporations and government agencies. The diverse and experienced staff at IHR allows the firm to assist with almost any environmental health and safety problem encountered in today’s workplace. Some of our services include: Air Quality Measuring Asbestos Consulting & Testing Environmental & Ecological Services Industrial Hygiene Consulting Lead Detection & Removal Safety Consulting The professionals at IHR are committed to helping your business succeed, using scientific methods to protect workers and the environment. Call us today for all your industrial hygiene needs. Categories: Residential Painters | Home Projects | Pollution Control | Hazardous Materials | Healthy Home Ideas | Green Home Ideas | Home Safety and Accessibility | Business Consultants | Additional Home Services | Environment | Progressive Home Ideas < Read Less

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