We, at Import Engine Supply, remanufacture engines and transmissions. We are a complete automotive machine shop. We offer: * Crankshaft Regrinding * Crank Kits. * Cylinder Head Rebuilding or Exchange * Cylinder Head Line Boring * Block Boring * Power Honing * Rod Reconditioning * Flywheel Resurfacing * Engine Rebuilding – Short Block and Long Blocks We have Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) engines and transmissions (low mileage used). Crank Kits for foreign and domestic engines. Quality engines kits and engine parts foreign and domestic. Remanufactured cylinder heads. We have a complete installation facility. We are ASE Certified Master Engine Machinist. Categories: Engines | Tools and Machinery | Auto Repair | Automotive Machine Shops | Auto Parts | Auto Shop Equipment | Transmissions | Salvage Yards < Read Less

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