Specialties Heritage Assisted Living and Memory Care of Boise and Twin Falls serves Idaho’s senior citizens and elderly. Round the clock nursing, bathing, respite care, healthy dining, adventures, and activities, we ensure quality care for those needing assisted living, respite care, or memory care in Idaho. Family owned and operated for four generations. Recognizing the uniqueness of each person, our mission is to maximize independence in aging by assisting residents to live with dignity in a secure, home-like community. Idaho’s retirement community is vast, and we at Heritage and Woodstone offer world-class assisted living. Find a community near you, and and discover the joy of our close-knit family at Heritage of Boise, Woodstone of Twin falls, and Heritage of Twin Falls today! History Established in 1968 Harold and Nelma Drake recognized that while not all residents needed intense nursing care many couldn’t live independently either, so in 1968 Heritage Assisted Living was born, the very first such facility in Idaho. Harold and Nelma were guided by principals of social responsibility which ensured distinctive excellence. These principals included: * Quality care, accommodations and services, affordable for anyone to enjoy basic rights of health and dignity. * Compassionate respect towards all residents marked by personalized care. * The most committed team of staff members. Today, our standard of excellence is proudly continued by Harold and Nelma’s children, Richard and Cheryl plus grandchildren, Nathan and wife Amy in Boise and Ben and wife Dorkis in Twin Falls. We believe in providing the best care for our residents by supporting individuality, privacy and meeting the changing needs of residents. Our vibrant community ensures that our residents are enriched. Meet the Business Owner:
Richard D. Richard Drake and his sister Cheryl Knowles run Heritage and Woodstone Assisted Living in Twin Falls and Boise, Idaho. Cheryl has a degree in counseling and brings her work into the lives of residents who need guidance or a comforting ear. She grew up mowing lawns and washing dishes at each of the communities and intricately understands the needs of those with disabilities and the elderly. She ensures a vibrant community full of music, color, activities, and services. Richard has a degree in business and management. For many years he was a successful cattle rancher and successful small business owner. Growing up working for his parents as painter, carpet-layer, and lawn-mower in the three assisted living communities, he has a deep understanding of the “ins and outs” of the communities. As a creative artist Richard often plays the piano or mandolin for the residents in the evening, engaging them with humor, stories, and music.

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