Specialties Hypnosis for weight loss, stress management, stop smoking, sports improvement, anxiety. History Established in Healing the Mind Hypnosis was established by Maria Reddington , she has been helping individuals overcome their fear, worries and losing weight for 5 years. This is a full time establishment with trained certified hypnotherapists. We offer online hypnosis sessions for people that are not in our local area. We also offer free consultations before any of our hypnosis sessions to get the best outcome possible. Meet the None: Maria Reddington,C.Ht., TFT-Dx. Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as a Thought Field Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. My own heath issues took me to alternative therapies to heal myself, my conclusion was that there had to be a safer way to receive the health that we so deserve. Without the side effects of medications. Hypnosis with a positive attitude and open to suggestions have changed many peoples lives, including my own. Reiki is a Japanese technique with healing abilities. Animals are great responders to Reiki and helping their health issues. I work with adults as well as adolescents to change habits and promote positive affirmations, for a better being. Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is an exceptional therapy I have added to my practice. It is used by tapping the meridian energies in our bodies to fix phobias, traumas, anxieties, addictions, fears, stress and cravings just to name a few. I specialize in behavior modification, stress management, pain management & Weight Loss

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