Specialties Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, Muscle Gain, Boot Camp, Personal Training, General Fitness, Group Fitness Meet the Business Owner:
Brett D. Brett Denton BS, IYCA-YFS has participated in sport training and physical fitness since the age of 4 when he stepped foot on a wrestling mat. He was a multi-sport athlete participating in soccer, football, wrestling, basketball, track and field through high school. His sports career culminated as a running back with the Boise State Broncos. While playing football for Boise State Brett earned a degree in Exercise Science double majoring in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics (yes some football players actually graduate). He has since earned certifications in many different fitness categories include PICP Level I Theory and the prestigious Youth Fitness Specialist Certification from the International Youth Conditioning Association. Brett has real world experience as an athlete near the highest level, certifications to ensure safety and knowledge, as well as in the trenches training experience and results, but most importantly he passionately pushes for results with his clients.

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