Welcome to Downtown Storage & Records Management! Downtown Storage & Records Management is located in Boise, Idaho. Is the lack of organization in your office causing problems with missing information? Let us help! We provide secure indoor storage and record retention services. We serve both businesses and individuals. Downtown Storage & Records Management offers to simplify your recordkeeping and remove the paper cluttering your office. We will safeguard all of your documents in a secure off-site location. We offer: * 24-hour Recorded Surveillance * Flexible Pick-Up Schedules * All Inclusive Document Management Plans * Emergency Access to All Stored Documents As our customer, you will receive an exceptional level of service. Nearly 95% of all documents generated by a business are confidential and protected by law. With our records management and storage services, you can be sure that they will not fall into the wrong hands. The highest level of security precautions are used at our facility. Call us today to learn more! Storage and Records Management in Boise and the Treasure Valley Categories: Shredding | Information Management | Storage < Read Less

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