Specialties Why a hospital just for cats? Our answer is simple: We understand what makes a cat a cat. We are devoted to caring for cats and their owner families. Our doctors and healthcare team are trained to recognize the subtle social and medical nuances of our feline patients. Because we focus on cats only, our doctors can concentrate on current feline medical and behavioral issues. We understand that cats require a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere and gentle handling techniques. Our equipment, protocols, and facility are designed to provide a sense of security for you and your cat. There are no frightening dog smells and sounds in our hospital and hotel. History Established in 1997 The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital & Hotel became Idaho’s first feline exclusive hospital in May of 1997. Located at 9151 Ustick Road, on the southeast corner of Ustick Road and Dalton Lane, the property was purchased from the Dalton family by Dr. Alexis Higdon and her partner Kath’ren Bay who transformed the 1940’s farmhouse into a cozy, comfortable, fully functioning feline veterinary hospital and hotel. Meet the Manager:
Dr. F. Senior DVM Kerry Fost practiced small animal medicine from 1985 until 1998, when she decided to make felines her principal focus. Dr. Fost believes a feline-only practice is important because it takes years of dedicated observation and study to truly feel at one with cats. Cats are unique, true carnivores, with enzyme systems and behavioral adaptations that make them distinct, interesting and challenging. Her favorite part about working with cats is their individual personalities, facial expressions, likes and dislikes. Dr. Fost is especially interested in feline geriatrics, internal medicine and ophthalmology. She is particularly fond of orange cats and finds the Burmese to be a fascinating breed. Dr. Fost strives to be the most knowledgeable, compassionate veterinarian she can be, a loving, patient and fun wife and mother, a good steward of the earth’s resources, and an advocate for the humane treatment of all animals.

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