Specialties We specialize in 13 difference kinds of partner dancing all of which can be subcategorized into 3 sections labeled as Ballroom, Latin, and swing dancing. We have been teaching in the Boise area for the past 3 years and have built a very good reputation with the dance community in the area. We love to take those that believe they can’t dance and show them that they really can, and that it is a ton of fun too! Don’t miss your chance to interact with a variety of movement and music types. Come join us on the dance floor today! History Established in 2009 CAPTiNDANCE was initially started as dance instruction company in 2009 and has branched out to providing dj services in the treasure valley. Since we have begun here we have taught over a thousand people how to dance in one form or another. Our end goal is to have a nice clean place to dance with clean music, and clean dancing. Our location will have a place to eat a nice meal, and provide a fun social dance environment. We also intend on offering social skill classes for those who believe they are shy, or think they lack the skills to go meet new people. We will avoid Drinking & smoking environments at all costs. Our instructors come from a variety of dance back grounds to provide the most unique set of dance instruction, and variety in dancing skill sets, and we wish our students to develop these skills and progress in their skill through practice with other students. Meet the Business Owner:
Kevin J. When I was a Kid I always say other teenagers do a dance labeled by the public as swing dancing. ( known by professionals, and other educated dancer personnel as American hustle) I could always find those that knew how to do it, but never find those that could teach me how. Once I started School at BYUI I heard about swing dancing that took place every week. I went and I loved, in fact I was hooked. At first I had many skills to develop like counting, and leading, and different types of footwork in dancing, but as the semester progressed I learned not ones one style of dance (a swing dance called the Lindy Hop), but I learned several types of swing dancing. After two semesters I was qualified to teach the most difficult swing dance you could learn. During that same semester I branched out into other style of partner dancing. I took the time to learn ballroom dancing. I quickly learned there are lots of good dancers in ballroom, but not very many good teachers. I also learned how much s

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