Specialties Boise Baby Gear rents car seats, cribs, strollers, and other “baby gear” to parents and/or grandparents. People traveling to Boise, for example, can bring their kids with them but not have to worry about packing all the extra equipment with them. People who are already in Boise can gear up for visits by renting equipment from Boise Baby Gear as opposed to purchasing an expensive item that may be used only once or twice. Boise Baby Gear offers high-end products for less money than competitors such as car rental companies. And Boise Baby Gear delivers — we can meet customers at home, a hotel, or the airport, or anywhere! History Established in 2010 Boise Baby Gear was developed to assist people who travel with kids. We got the idea after taking OUR children on trips and renting car seats and cribs from similar businesses in other cities. Renting “baby gear” made our lives so much easier and we enjoy paying it forward to other families! Meet the Manager:
Benjamin L. Although only three years old, Benjamin is an expert in “baby gear” and is the head of our Product Testing Division. Benjamin’s opinions on car seats, cribs, strollers, joggers and other items are indispensable to our company. And he’s very good about making those opinions known! If he doesn’t like it or if it simply doesn’t work for him then it’s not in our inventory. Boise Baby Gear Also Recommends Buns in the Oven 413 S 8th St Ste A & B Boise, ID 83702 Categories: Maternity Wear, Baby Gear & Furniture, Toy Stores “This is Boise’s best store for maternity clothes, baby-related accessories, and gifts for parents.”

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