Specialties We offer traditional BBQ food along side full vegan dishes. We have a smoker for BBQ and a smoker for Vegan food to ensure there is no cross contamination. Our vegan food is all prepared and cooked by a vegan cook. Good smoked meat takes time, If you would like to place a big order please feel free to call early so we have time to prepare it. Our smokers run on nothing but pecan wood which adds a mild sweet smoke flavor. If you are craving real BBQ or looking for a new take on Vegan food, you will be happy with B-Hive BBQ & Vegan Food! History Established in 2013 B-Hive BBQ & Vegan Food is a family owned and operated business comprised of a brother and sister team born out of a passion for BBQ. Brad Taylor cut his teeth in BBQ while participating in competition BBQ from 2009 to 2012, while sister Sheila Taylor was taking one of her loves and mixing it with her lifestyle blending BBQ and Vegan together like an art. Some time in 2012 the decision was made to take their love of BBQ to the people, They built a large BBQ and mounted it on a truck pulling a mobile kitchen and the whole family moved to Boise.

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